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Intermediate Level English Language Practice Test Sets

Test Your English Language Level
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Tests will help students to identify their weaknesses

Are you able to

- ask and respond to simple, routine and predictable questions about personal information?

- communicate some basic needs in informal conversations?

- understand key words, some phrases, simple commands, and short sentences in simple conversations?

- read a simple text that is related to daily life and experience. Topics include routine events, descriptions of people, places and things and simple instructions, etc.?

- write a few sentences and phrases about topics that are familiar to the student: family, travel, food, health, etc.?

Your result will show some control over basic grammatical structures to communicate basic needs.

Maybe your level is Intermediate? Then, you are Conversant, and you have knowledge of vocabulary words, ability to speak simple phrases or sentences, have some difficulty understanding native speakers, elementary reading and writing skills.

You may consider that you have Upper-Intermediate Level. Then,
You should:
- demonstrate understanding of the main points in straightforward texts on familiar and unfamiliar topics to a satisfactory level of comprehension,
- can express opinions and feelings in online correspondence and respond to those of other people,

-or can demonstrate understanding of main ideas and some details of straight forward factual information in clear standard speech
Last but least you should think that you are Advanced English Language Speaker.
You communicate effectively in most daily practical and social situations at both concrete and abstract levels

Let's check your level. Pass rate is 70% correct answers...

Intermediate Level English Language Practice Test Sets
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