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Test your English Grammar Skills - Part 2

Advanced Grammar Test Series for IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, GRE, TOEFL, ACT and iTEP English Tests
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You will get to know your English Grammar Skills

This test series is designed for students who are preparing for exams such as IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, GRE, TOEFL and iTEP.  Series is divided into 6 practice sets each having 250 questions. Overall, there are 1500 questions. Your knowledge would be checked on the following topics

  1. Subject Verb Agreement - 250 Questions

  2. Conditional Sentence (If - Clause) - 250 questions

  3. Conjunctions and Connecting Words - 250 questions

  4. Prepositions - 250  questions. All prepositions are covered

  5. Articles- 250 questions ( A / An / The / One / Zero Article)

  6. Adjectives and Adverbs -250 questions

Test your English Grammar Skills - Part 2
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