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Test Your CSS3 Skills - With Explanations

A CSS quiz for improving and testing your skills, that includes all topics of CSS and CSS3. All questions explained!
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Questions & detailed explanations, in an organized manner
Common situations in web development, with simple solutions
All topics of CSS are included
The new features of CSS3 are also included
For beginners, and experienced web & frontend developers - for improving yourself

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the standard markup language for styling HTML documents, that can be displayed in the web browser. Nowadays, every front-end developer or web developer should know the basics of CSS.

But it is still not enough! CSS3 can provide several new features, that can be useful when we would like to create web applications. Some examples of the course coverage are:

  • Selectors, preference

  • Sizing, Positioning

  • Backgrounds, overflow, shadows, tables

  • Responsive design

  • Fonts

  • Animations

  • Flexbox

  • Grid

  • Common situations, with simple & easy solutions

This course is for everyone, who wants to learn more about CSS and CSS3-there are easy and simple questions and advanced too. The course uses a practice-orientated approach: the questions are focusing on these topics, which can be common in real situations.

What does this course offer? 

  • well-organized questions and explanations

  • common situations in web development, with simple solutions

  • all topics of CSS3 are included

  • for beginners and experienced web & front-end developers - for improving your skills & knowledge

Good luck! Frahaan Hussain & the team of WebTech Studies

Test Your CSS3 Skills - With Explanations
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