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Test & Exam Strategies

Brief and applicable guide to improving your skills at taking tests and being more confident in your approach!
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improve your ability to score well on tests and exams
be more relaxed and confident in your approach
retain information and learn more from every course you take


* New Lesson added April 2019 - Master Multiple Choice Tests.

*Student Survival Guide booklet added May 2017

The Test & Exam Strategies course is for any student who needs to complete quizzes, tests, or exams for courses he/she is taking.

The lessons learned will help students approach tests and exams with more confidence and with the tools necessary to raise their marks.

This course provides tips on how to handle essay style questions and objective test questions (multiple choice, true/false) as well as advice on time management and special skills such as the SQ3R Reading Method that can make a difference all the way through a course of study.

Skills taught such as how to manage anxiety are useful well beyond the tests and exams.

The lessons are short and clearly explained so that they can be applied immediately and begin helping the student as soon as he/she desires.

Also, there are 5 quizzes that help solidify the information learned.

If you want to improve your ability at taking tests and exams and/or want to feel more confident and less stressed when faced with assessments of any kind, this is the course for you!

Test & Exam Strategies
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