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Test Estimation: Basic & Advanced for IT/Test Professionals

A Simple and Very Effective technique to derive Testing Estimates, along with the Template for complete understanding.
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Master the Test Estimation technique and get that Edge in the Testing world.
Learn the Importance and Benefits of Test Estimations.
Understand Risk Based testing.
Test Estimation step (when to begin) in the Software/Testing Life Cycle.
Perform Risk Ranking of the software requirements for better estimations and other benefits.
Implement the Tips & Tricks and become more confident.
Multiple benefits of the Test Estimation template.
Utilise Test Estimation template in your projects.
Understand different stages in the SDLC and STLC.
Overview of other Estimation techniques
Customizing the template as per the Project requirements.
Follow the continuous journey of the Improvement circle.

Learn the basics behind Software Test Estimation, how to do it effectively and Tips along with the Test Estimation template with example.

Master the Test Estimation technique and get that Confidence into your Professional career.

  • Test Estimation definition and need.
  • Benefits of Test Estimation.
  • Learn - 'When to begin the Test Estimation process' in the Testing Life Cycle.
  • Overview on the Software and Testing life cycles.
  • Find out the various factors to be considered for the estimation process.
  • Know briefly about the Standard Estimation Techniques.
  • Master the Risk Based Test Estimation model/technique with a template.
  • Know about - Risk Ranking requirements activity.
  • Find out the advanced journey of the estimation model and modifying the template as per your project.
  • Recognize the need for optimizing the estimation process.
  • Learn Tips, Best practices for Test Estimation.

Everything about the Testing Estimates - Get that Edge

In my Professional career, I've seen many Testing professionals struggling to do Test Estimates and always having that uncomfortable feeling. I've specifically designed this course to bridge that gap, considering it's a very important activity for planning Project and Testing schedules. It could play a crucial role in the success or failure of Testing or Project as a whole. I'm also sharing a Test Estimation template to make learning more effective.

Testing resources are more in demand than ever and companies are looking for skilled resources actively. This course will add to your skill-set and can definitely give you an edge over others in your professional career.

Content and Overview

Suitable for Testing Professionals, Project Managers and for those who are planning to begin their Testing career path. The course contents are simple to understand and students can straightaway start to implement the best practices and Test Estimation template in their respective projects. It talks about the definition, need, benefits of doing estimates, factors to consider and most importantly when to do this activity (for how long?) in the software development life cycle. Additionally, Software and Testing Life Cycles are discussed in brief for complete understanding.

The standard estimation techniques are briefly discussed and then Risk Based Test Estimation model is discussed in detail. An advanced model is also explained which gives more insight and takes your knowledge to an expert level.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create Test Estimates with lots of confidence and can really add a testing value to their projects.

Test Estimation: Basic & Advanced for IT/Test Professionals
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