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TESL, TEFL, How to Teach English Vowels - Lay the Foundation

English vowels are foundational to comprehensibility, stress, rhythm & intonation in English. Learn how to use them.
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a highly effective method fort teaching vowel pronunciation, one that improves student acquisition and retention of these new and unfamiliar sounds
a way to show students how to recognize and produce the vowels of American English
tools to help students hear how American English sounds differ from one another and how to produce them
a teaching strategy that keeps students laser-focused on the qualities and nature of English vowels
ways to create feedback loops for students on their pronunciation successes and failures
the ability to teach American English pronunciation efficiently, effectively and confidently, no matter where you go or what resources you have

Learn how to teach English vowels so your students really do acquire a more natural sound, stress, rhythm and understanding of English.

Discover this amazingly super-effective, super-easy way to teach the pronunciation of English vowels.  This method works for students teaching themselves how to better pronounce English vowels, as well as for teachers, tutors and accent coaches working on vowel sounds at all levels, beginner to advanced. I use this method with high level clients in advertising, diplomacy and management, to help them improve their comprehensibility and create a more natural sound in English. 

This method really works, whether you're teaching children or coaching diplomats.

Did you know that vowels are the core of the English sound? Many languages are consonant rich, and have fewer vowels. But English is vowel rich. Because there are so many vowels, the differences between them are hard for learners to hear and make. But learners can strengthen their sound and comprehensibility as English speakers if they strengthen their command of vowels--after all, word and syllable stress occurs on the vowels. Lengthening syllables for stress happens on vowels. Mastering vowels is very important for English speakers.

The purpose of this course is to show you exactly how to elicit natural vowel production from your students, which makes them sound much more natural and comprehensible in English. 

In Section 2, you'll master the gestures that work like magic to improve your students' vowel sounds, no matter what their age. You'll discover how to teach English vowels for permanent change. Your students will never forget this technique and neither will you. 

Since speaking is physical and dependent on muscle memory, the best way to teach new sounds is a method that combines physical retraining with analytical understanding and neurological reinforcements. Using visual and auditory reprogramming, you'll develop the strongest, longest-lasting language learning that is possible. This method works not only with beginner and intermediate learners of English, but has shown amazing results with advanced students working on accent reduction and comprehensibility. Section 3 is the heart of this course.

Section 3 gets you organized to teach vowels efficiently, effectively, and expertly. You'll customize the tools you need for teaching pronunciation--tools that you can take with you wherever you go. This method eliminates the need to buy course books or textbooks or pronunciation practice materials. You'll use free materials programs online to become a more powerful pronunciation teacher. You can use these same programs and websites with your students if they have access to the internet. Section 1 begins with a pre-test so you can assess your own knowledge and skill set for teaching vowels.

In Section 4, you'll design feedback loops for your students to reinforce what they've learned. You don't want them to lose their newly gained English vowel sounds. You'll learn about feedback loops that include the teacher, and feedback loops for the student to use independently. The important thing is--your students will need a way to ascertain if they're successfully creating the English vowel sounds. We don't want all their practice time to be spent creating and strengthening the wrong sounds! 

In Section 5 you'll review everything covered in the course and measure your understanding with a post-test to find out if you know all the strategies and tools for teaching English vowels like a pro. Each question on the post-test addresses a critical feature needed for teaching and learning. With the answers in hand, you'll organize your own system for teaching English vowels--one that you'll never forget and that you can take with you wherever in the world you go! 

Every strategy and technique has been tested over hours and hours in the classroom. These are proven strategies that result in much more successful English pronunciation learning--much happier students as well as teachers!

If you are an ESL or EFL teacher, or an English tutor, or an accent reduction coach, or if you aspire to be, this is an investment that you can't pass up, because it's an investment in yourself. Happy students will refer their friends to you. Your expertise will be recognized by your company or school. There is no "down" side to becoming better at teaching.

I hope you join me and find out what I've learned from years of pronunciation teaching and empirical research done in my classrooms. Join me and become a more effective, more efficient, more confident English pronunciation teacher! 


TESL, TEFL, How to Teach English Vowels - Lay the Foundation
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