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Terrorism Security Brief and Safety in a Crisis Checklist

Keeping you and your loved ones safe in this current era of heightened dangers from terrorism.
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Students will be updated on the current terrorism threats we are facing.
Students will have an understanding of the terrorism trends playing out in our communities.
Students will be armed with knowledge that provides the basics to better protect your community and personal safety.
Students will get simple, but crucial tips on what to do in the event they are caught in the middle of a terror attack or crisis.
Students will have more awareness in their community in regard to terrorism activity.
Students will be able to come up with an action plan to keep them and their loved ones safe in the event of a crisis.
Students will learn that EDUCATION and CONFIDENCE are the keys to increasing knowledge of threats and enhancing personal safety.

This course is an easy guide to better understand the local and global dynamics from terrorism committed by groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  In this current era of increasing local risks from terrorism, any place or location can be impacted by violence.  In addition, this class provides a checklist to protect yourself and loved ones if caught in the middle of a violent crisis. 

The lessons are provided through video presentation, analysis, class assignment and quiz. This session presents a guide to developing a safer everyday life by increasing your knowledge of terrorism activity, as well as presenting ways for you to prepare and implement a personal safety plan.  When you are educated on threat dynamics, this creates confidence to prepare for possible dangers and react smartly when life threatening events come into your path.

Terrorism Security Brief and Safety in a Crisis Checklist
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