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Mastering Terraform - Integrating with Jenkins and Ansible

Learn how to develop, build and deploy terraform scripts using Ansible and Jenkins
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Terraform resources, loops, functions, templates,data sources, variables, outputs and modules.
Automating the deployments of terraform scripts using jenkins devops tool
Setting up ELB, ALB, Auto Scaling, ELB access logs
Deploy lambda functions through terraform
Creating re-usable modules
Setting up Relational Database Service (RDS)
Managing remote state files using S3, Loking state files using dynamodb
Creating networking VPC, private subnets, private subnets, NAT instances and NAT gateways
Managing IAM policies and roles
Use ansible to run terraform scripts
Learn real time use cases with lambda and terraform
  • Learn how to deploy lambda functions using terraform

  • Automating infrastructure provisioning using terraform and AWS basic to advanced, Configuring networking (Route tables, Internet gateways, public subnets, private subnets)

  • Automatic deployments of terraform code using Jenkins

  • Use Ansible terraform modules to apply terraform changes 

  • Managing NAT instances, Terraform, resources, loops, functions, data sources, variables, outputs and modules,

  • Terraform, deploy lambda functions, Managing remote state files using S3, Understanding terraform fundamental concepts, Create ELB, ALB and auto scaling, Setting up Route53

  • Build reusable modules with terraform

Mastering Terraform - Integrating with Jenkins and Ansible
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