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Terraform for AWS by Examples

Terraform with lots of example in AWS Cloud
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What is Terraform?
Terraform Provider
Terraform Variable, Resource, Data, Output
Terraform State (Local and Remote)
Terraform Installation in Windows 10 and EC2 Instance in AWS
Terraform Modules
Terraform Modules example in Butbucket
Terraform Import (Reverse Engineering)
End-to-end AWS Resource creation by Terraform and running static Web Application with User Data
Multi-Env's and Multi-Region Implementation with same code
And n-number of Labs

Step by step learning of Terraform, with real time examples. Terraform installation to execution on n-number of example like AWS resources creation and destroy. How to install Terraform in Windows 10? Terraform Provider, Variable, Resource, Data, Output, State (Local and Remote), Writing Module, Terraform Reverse Engineering and many more..

Terraform code uses for multiple environments, e.g. Development, QA, UAT and Production. Creating Terraform configuration files and running a website with AWS Resources like, AWS EC2, VPC, Subnet (Public and Private), SG and many more.

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Terraform for AWS by Examples
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