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Automating Enterprise Infrastructure - Terraform and Packer

A Complete Course on Infrastructure Automation using AWS CLI, Terraform and Packer using shell scripting as a wrapper .
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Infrastructure services Automation on AWS Cloud Infrastructure and Release Automation .
Planning Terraform Rollout for large distributed teams.
Higher level of Confidence on Infrastructure automation .
Automate Kubernetes ,AWS Load Balancers , AMI Images , Network and VPC Creation in AWS Cloud .
Learn about Hashicorp Tools like Terraform, Packer , Vault & Consul

Welcome to the course is on building Enterprise Grade Infrastructure using Hashicorp tools - Terraform and Packer.

This course is build on latest Terraform Version : 0.11.8 and AWS Provider Version : v1.39.0.

I will keep on updating this course as new features of Terraform and Packer are released .

You can also use this course as an Terraform Automation Reference material . If you know the basics of Terraform then feel free to directly jump to the relevant section . I will also push and update code to GitHub for your ready reference .

Terraform supports 100+ Providers so it's easy to support multiple cloud providers using same  IaC ( Infrastructure as Code ) tool.

We will be mainly covering AWS provider to start with .

About this Course:

  • Terraform Basic - Introduction, Syntax,  Interpolation etc.

  • Terraform CLI - Console, Graph, format.

  • Building AWS Infrastructure - Getting Started

  • Building AWS Infrastructure — S3 , EC2 ,VPC etc.

  • Using TFVAR Files to maintain multiple AWS Environments.

  • Scaling Terraform Resources using Count Parameters and ELB.

  • Terraform Remote States.

  • Building Architectural Components using Terraform - AWS ELB.

  • Terraform Modules.

  • Creating a Custom VPC using Terraform Modules.

  • Introduction to Packer.

  • Using Terraform and Packer together for automation.

  • Automating Security and Service Discovery using Terraform - Hashicorp Vault and Consul Clusters.

  • Automate Kubernetes (EKS ) Cluster using Terraform .

  • Automation Mindset - Using Shell Scripts , AWS CLI , Packer and Terraform altogether.

Automating Enterprise Infrastructure - Terraform and Packer
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