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Artificial Intelligence - TensorFlow Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning from theory to the required hands-on experience by using latest TensorFlow JavaScript framework
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Understand Machine Learning from basics
Understand the basics of a neural network
Understand basics of Tensor operations for Tensorflow
Create project using Polynomial Regression
Create basic HTML, Javascript projects
Use JSFiddle to create Javascript applets
Use NodeJs to create comprehensive machine learning projects

This course teaches machine learning from the basics so that you can get started with created amazing machine learning programs. With a well structured architecture, this course is divided into 4 modules:

  • Theory section: It is very important to understand the reason of learning something. The need for learning machine learning and javascript in this particular case is explained in this section.

  • Foundation section: In this section, most of the basic topics required to approach a particular problem are covered like the basics of javascript, what are neural networks, dom manipulation, what are tensors and many more such topics

  • Practice section: In this section, you put your learnt skills to a test by writing code to solve a particular problem. The explanation of the solution to the problem is also provided in good detail which makes hands-on learning even more efficient.

  • Project section: In this section, we build together a full stack project which has some real life use case and can provide a glimpse on the value creation by writing good quality machine learning programs

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Vinay Phadnis :)

Artificial Intelligence - TensorFlow Machine Learning
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