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Intro to Deep Learning with Project in TensorFlow 2, Python

Advanced implementation of regression modelling techniques like lasso regression in TensorFlow
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TensorFlow 2.0
Gradient Descent Algorithm
Create Pipeline regression model in TensorFlow
Lasso Regression
Feature Selection with lasso
Programming in TensorFlow 2.0
Selection of Penalty factor lambda
Visualizing graph in TensorBoard
Neuron or Perceptron Model Architecture
Loss or Cost Function
TensorFlow Keras API
Linear Regression
Create customized model in TensorFlow
Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Preprocessing
Multiple Linear Regression in TensorFlow

Welcome to the Course Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0:

In this course, you will learn advanced linear regression technique process and with this, you can be able to build any regression problem. Using this you can solve real-world problems like customer lifetime value, predictive analytics, etc.

What you will Learn

· TensorFlow 2.x

· Google Colab

· Linear Regression

· Gradient Descent Algorithm

· Data Analysis

· Regression

· Feature Engineering and Selection with Lasso Regression.

· Model Evaluation

All the above-mentioned techniques are explained in TensorFlow. In this course, you will work on the Project Customer Revenue (Lifetime value) Prediction using Gradient Descent Algorithm

Problem Statement: A large child education toy company that sells educational tablets and gaming systems both online and in retail stores wanted to analyze the customer data. The goal of the problem is to determine the following objective as shown below.

1. Data Analysis & Pre-processing: Analyse customer data and draw the insights w.r.t revenue and based on the insights we will do data pre-processing. In this module, you will learn the following.

1. Necessary Data Analysis

2. Multi-collinearity

3. Factor Analysis

2. Feature Engineering:

1. Lasso Regression

2. Identify the optimal penalty factor.

3. Feature Selection

3. Pipeline Model

4. Evaluation

We will start with the basics of TensorFlow 2.x to advanced techniques in it. Then we drive into intuition behind linear regression and optimization function like gradient descent.

Intro to Deep Learning with Project in TensorFlow 2, Python
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