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Tennis - step by step - Class 1

Learning and teaching videos for a correct and precise Tennis technique / SPECIAL 3 different points of view of each hit
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Single-handed backhand
Double-handed backhand
Volley forehand
Volley backhand

This tennis class follows the logical and level-based approach of the "mobile sports academy".

Watch. Repeat. Learn.

Pure tennis technique!

Including practical teaching and learning material (bonus clips in slow motion)

Learn or teach the following tennis shots:

  1. Forehand

  2. Single-handed backhand

  3. Double-handed backhand

  4. Volley forehand

  5. Volley backhand

The video sequences each contain simple and easy-to-understand exercise instructions and explanations of the movements in text and sound. It's structured according to the following pattern:

  • Real-time motion display

  • Motion / exercise display with instructions in slow motion

  • Presentation of the movements from further perspectives in slow motion

In addition you have 3 clips in slow motion of different view points / perspectives: SIDE, FRONT and BACK (sometimes TOP).

Watch these clips over and over. Repeat the movement in your mind wherever you are. Execute the movements on the court. Then you will learn effectively.

The video material can be used by trainers and integrated into the existing training. But the video material is also ideal for the self-study of individual tennis players and can be used to improve the technique.

We are always happy to receive constructive feedback on the course material and hope you enjoy playing tennis.

Tennis - step by step - Class 1
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