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Ten Story High: Learning the Art of Storytelling Made Easy

Your stories matter! Learn how to craft your own personal stories in this easy-to-follow storytelling masterclass.
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Successfully learn the aspects of a great story
Unlock the power of personal storytelling
Improve your natural storytelling ability
Engage your audience with easy-to-follow storytelling tips

Storytelling is 4Xs more effective for engaging your audience than just stating facts and figures.

Engage your professional audience or captivate your listeners in small social situations. 

Recognize your own natural storytelling abilities and learn to use your stories to leave a lasting impression. Discover that you don't need to be a TED Talks speaker to communicate well. Gain confidence to give that speech, do that presentation, or just not have so many of those "awkward" moments while mingling with friends and family. 

Here are what students are saying: 

"This is such an interesting course. I really enjoy how personable and excited the instructor is to share the information" --Joshua

"Great course! Instructor is funny and personable and I have been enjoying the storytelling activities."--Luke

Here is how you will master storytelling in this practical, action-ready course!


  • Discover why stories matter
  • Understand the structure of great stories
  • Accept your own storytelling abilities
  • Learn the steps to crafting your own personal stories 
  • Build confidence to share your stories with any anyone
  • Recognize when to insert stories during social situations

Cultures throughout history have harnessed the power of stories as a way to communicate life's most interesting and meaningful aspects.

Even the progressive study of brain science attests to the fact that storytelling engages a listeners brain 4Xs more effectively than just stating facts and figures. That means that storytellers have 4Xs the advantage to engage their audiences and be remembered. That's 4Xs the advantage in the boardroom or the living room. Whether you are interviewing for a job, or heading out on an awkward first date, there is almost a 100% certainty that you will communicate information about yourself through stories. 

So if we are made for stories, and stories can benefit us in almost every area of our lives, why not learn how to tell the very best stories possible?

In this comprehensive yet easy-to-follow class, let me show you the SIMPLE ACTIONS you need to take to make your own personal stories more engaging, more intriguing, and more memorable.

Through a variety of structured and engaging lessons, you will uncover your own storytelling abilities and learn to captivate any audience in any speaking situation. 

Transform your stories now with this painless and action-ready class. 

And as always, your satisfaction is backed with Udemy's 30-day money back guarantee. 

Ten Story High: Learning the Art of Storytelling Made Easy
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