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Temporomandibular Disorders and Sleep Apnea in Orthodontics

Joint disorders. Pain syndroms. Orthodontic treatment and TMD. Part of full orthodontic dentistry course
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Joint disorders; Inflammatory conditions; Ankylosis; Fracture
Masticatory muscle disorders; Intracranial and vascular pain disorders; Neurogenic pain; Migraine headaches; Tension-type headaches; Extracranial pain disorders; Mental health disorders
Costen syndrome
Signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea; Physical examination of the patient; Effect of anatomy on respiration;

This course will take you from zero to hero of the following orthodontic topics: Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders; Sleep Apnea.

Here are the main headlines that this course covers:

Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders

1. Incidence

2. Patient Examination

2.1 Chief complaint

2.2 Medical history

2.3 Dental history

2.4 Clinical examination

  • General inspection of the head and neck

  • Masticatory and cervical muscle evaluation

  • Neurovascular evaluation

  • Intraoral evaluation

3. Classification of TMD

4. Joint disorders

4.1 Congenital or developmental disorders

4.2 Disk derangement disorders

4.3 Temporomandibular joint dislocation

5. Inflammatory conditions

5.1 Synovitis

5.2 Osteoarthritis

6. Ankylosis

7. Fracture

8. Masticatory muscle disorders

8.1 Myofascial pain

8.2 Fibromyalgia,

8.3 Myositis

8.4 Myospasm

8.5 Myofibrotic contracture

8.6 Neoplasm

8.7 Local myalgia – unclassified

9. Diagnosis

9.1 Intracranial and vascular pain disorders

9.2 Neurogenic pain

9.3 Migraine headaches

9.4 Tension-type headaches

9.5 Extracranial pain disorders

9.6 Mental health disorders

10. Connection between malocclusion and TMD

11. Costen syndrome

12. Connection between orthodontic treatment and TMD

13. Treatment

13.1 Patient education

13.2 Cognitive behavioral intervention

13.3 Pharmacotherapy

13.4 Physical medicine

13.5 Orthopedic appliance therapy

13.6 Occlusal therapy

13.7 Surgery

Sleep Apnea

1. Introduction

2. Signs and symptoms

3. Physical examination of the patient

3.1 Adult apneic event

3.2 Pediatric apneic event

4. Effect of anatomy on respiration

5. OSA in children

5.1 Diagnosis

5.2 Orthodontic management

  • Treatment involving the maxilla

  • Treatment involving the mandible

6. OSA in adults

6.1 Diagnosis

6.2 Cephalometrics

6.3 Examination of the tongue, soft palate, and tonsils

6.4 Management

  • Non – surgical treatment – mandibular advancement

  • Orthognathic surgery management

7. Questionnaire and treatment planning for the OSA patient.

Temporomandibular Disorders and Sleep Apnea in Orthodontics
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