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Telugu E-course part1

Telugu Basics
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Telugu Script at a glance
Learn basic and advanced Telugu Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.
The course voice over is in Telugu but subtitles and translation are available, for better understanding

This course gives students a basic knowledge on Telugu language. Students can get a good grip on Telugu script and they can learn Telugu language in easy way. Here they can learn basic and advanced Telugu Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation. Here Student need not have any prior knowledge on the subject to take this course, this is significantly for beginners. This course voice over is in Telugu & subtitles are provided for better understanding. This helps students in learning how to speak, Read & Understand Telugu in a simple and quick way. The full Course has two parts. Part1 & Part2. This course is the part1, which gives student a beginner & intermediate level of knowledge in Telugu subject. This contains 8 Lectures. From introduction to some basic concepts. which are Aksharamala, Othulu, Guninthalu, Padhaalu, Lingamulu, Vachanalu, Kalaamulu & Vyathirekha padhaalu. In this course two practice sessions are available where you can find revision videos and practice materials, you can download the materials and practice well.  and  By the end of this course, students will be able to write, read & understand Telugu alphabets, words & know their meanings. And will also be able to understand the basic Telugu grammar. Some practice notes are also available. In the Part 2 of this course, the next level grammar concepts are included. By the end  of the two courses, student will get a pro-knowledge of Telugu language.

Telugu E-course part1
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