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Telesales Skills

The role of a telesales executive requires certain traits to be successful in making a sale.
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Describe a Customer-Focused Telesales Person
Explain the Techniques for Effective Telesales
Explain What Not to Do for TeleSales Success
Explain the Delivery of the Telesales Pitch
List the Dos and Don’ts for Telesales Communication
Describe Communication Barriers in Telesales
Explain Steps for Building Rapport in Telesales
Explain Steps for Handling Objections to Buying
Explain the Challenges in Telesales
List the Tips for Effective Telesales Calls

Very useful for sales representatives/marketing representatives and those in telesales department. After reading this course, the reader can easily understand Techniques for Effective Telesales, What Not to Do for TeleSales Success, Dos and Don’ts for Telesales Communication, Steps for Building Rapport in Telesales, Tips for Effective Telesales Calls etc.

The course begins with a scenario which explains about how a telesales person can convert leads into business and how marketing can be successfully done through telesales. There is one Real Life Example in this course which explains about the importance of telesales executive in an organization. Nick, a telesales executive is the hero of this Real Life Example. This scenario explains in detail about how Nick reads the profile of the company’s existing loyal customers and convinces the customer to upgrade to a new product. Much emphasis is laid on the “Do’s and Dont’s for Telesales communication” in this course.

Want to become Nick of your organization, then enrol into this course and grab the opportunity.

Telesales Skills
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