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Telepresence Professional Basics

How to have clean sound and look engaging over video teleconference
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Professional Basics

Who is this class for?

This class is aimed at professionals that need to be able to build relationships and conduct important meetings over video conference. It is beginner level for technical skills and intermediate for professional skills.

  • Board of Directors

  • Executives

  • Young professionals organizations

  • Sales departments

  • Online event planners

What will I learn?

You will get a balance between reviewing hardware (camera, headphones, microphone, lighting) and ideas for creating an authentic but professional demeanor.

The course will cover:

  • How to sound good: Why the way you sound is more important than how you look and how to improve it.

  • How to look good: What you need to know about light to make any camera better, and how to position your camera to make you look more engaging.

  • How to create context: A discussion around how clothing impacts the engagement, and how to highlight objects in your background that might generate conversation.

What makes this class special enough to buy?

The lecturer is Vance Crowe. Vance has been a deckhand on an eco-tourism ship, had dinners with tribal elders in remote villages in Kenya, sat in the meetings with the Managing Directors of the World Bank, and worked at the most advanced agriculture biotech company in the world. He is a student of culture that has since become a popular speaker-lecturer.

He has spoken before hundreds of thousands of people on topics of philosophy, culture change and communications. His practical seminars are both stimulating and immediately useable.

What style is this class?

This is a video seminar made specifically for working professionals. The seminar is taught by Vance Crowe, filled with diagrams and examples that illustrate the basics of sounding and looking good. The class is about 75 minutes long broken into sections that are on average about 2.5-5 minutes long. It is easy to take a lesson or two and then save your progress and come back later.

How long will it take me to complete this course?

Feedback from users has been that the content is best done over 2-3 sessions. You will hear ideas and want to stop and try to re-arrange yours space and hardware. This seminar is designed for you to be able to get up and make changes while you are listening.

Why should I take this class?

In this seminar you will learn the fundamentals of how to sound and look good. You will learn how to see the larger picture of how to present yourself in this digital media. You will improve how you look, sound and feel over video calls.

Telepresence Professional Basics
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