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Teen's Guide To Cyber Security

What to believe and not to believe on internet
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Identify and remain safe from email frauds.
Identify fake news and stop spreading it.
Secure personal information on social networks.
Identify fake and genuine websites on internet.
Identify manipulated images and videos on internet and social apps.

For children and teenagers, internet is a fascinating tool with information of every kind. But they do not know how to utilize it properly in a positive manner. Moreover, internet is full of false and misleading information.

So this course educate children of age between 11 and 19 about safety on internet. They will learn how to filter information and identify genuine sources on internet.

For Parents: If you are a parent, gift this course to your child to introduce them to safety on internet.

Objectives of the course:

  • Inner workings of internet

  • Understand how images are manipulated

  • Understand how videos are manipulated

  • Email frauds and how to protect

  • Fake news and how to identify it

  • misuse of social networks to manipulate opinions and how to safeguard yourself

  • Tips  to identify genuine websites and information on internet

After completing this course you can:

  • Use internet wisely

  • protect yourself from email scams

  • Stay away from fake news and fake sites

  • Identify jokes and messages which try to manipulate your opinions without giving any facts

Teen's Guide To Cyber Security
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