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Techniques of Construction Planning

Six planning Techniques involved in course like Gantt Bar chart, Mile Stone Chart, CPM, PERT, Precedence Network & LOB
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Student from Civil Engineering will learn about different techniques of construction planning like CPM,PERT, Barcharts , etc.
Project management techniques

The Techniques of Construction Planning course are for the Civil Engineering students, site supervisors, contractors, construction developers, and project managers, who deal with construction project timing and cost. this course can help you to learn and understand how we can increase the efficiency of our construction project by applying different planning techniques which can help you to decrease project time, resource requirements like funds, material, labours, machinery, etc. This course contains different techniques of planning with detailed explanations of how to apply that technique to the live project. This course helps increase project efficiency in the field, competitive exams, interviews.

Majorly used construction planning techniques in the field are the Gantt Bar chart method, Milestone chart method, Critical path Method, PERT, Precedence Network, and Line of Balance Method. all of these techniques are included in the coarse.

Cvil Foster ensures the subscribers that this course will be helpful to them in the exam as well as to apply on-site situations of Construction Projects. feel free to leave a message for any queries regarding the course or any other civil engineering problems you might face. Our company will keep posting more and more innovative projects which help you to solve your civil engineering problems.

Techniques of Construction Planning
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