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Technical diving.Mix Gas Nitrox-Trimix. ( Part I ) (english)

Deep diving physics and physiology.Deep diving planning and practice.
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Mixed gas dives with Trimix and Nitrox and other mixes,their calcculations and planification
Deep diving physics and physiology
Optimising decompression and limit the risks at a minimum level
Properties of different Nitrox and Trimix mixes. How to choose a mix,preparation and diving
Technical diving equipments,their configuration and their use
How to avoid Narcosis and Hypercapnia
Gradient factors ( GF )
Oxygen window
Isobaric counter diffusion. Narcotic shock.
Oxydative stress
Hypoxy-Hyperoxy ( OTU-CNS-Oxygen watch-MOD-END)
Decompression theory
Decompression sickness ( DCS )
Intervention to a DCS,medical support
Decompression strategies and techniques
Dalton diamond and partial pressure calculations
Gas properties,deep gas weight etc...
Experience. Comfort zone. Complacency risk. Continuous formation. General security matters
Safe planification and preparations
START check and bubble check.
Dynamic airway compression

Dear diver friends,

I wish you a warm welcome to the Technical diving-Mixed gas diving Nitrox-Trimix ( Part I ) course.

Course program will include all different aspects of Technical diving and mixed gas diving with a open circuit ( OC ) apparatus.You will learn and understand all theoritical, physical and physiological knowledges about technical diving but also all details for the safe planning and choose for mix gas,equipments and practices.

Full course is composed in three different main parts ( Part I ), ( Part II ) and finally ( Part III ). I recommend you to follow all the three parts to get a complete learning of technical diving.

Each main part contain 7 lessons ( Section ).Inside each Lesson there are ' Lectures ' which contain videos to be watch.Parts,Lessons and Lectures,videos must be watch given to their number order.The Parts are done given to step by step learning method and each new Part,Lesson and lecture is completing and developping the past one.

All lessons are given on videos with the instructor teaching front of a table,with all details and calculations.

Open circuit technical diving course is necessary and very essential to become a good technical and mix gas diver but also after continue in CC ( closed circuit rebreather) mix gas diver and Cave diver.Better CC divers and Cave divers will be if the base is build with a Technical diver - Mix gas diver knowledges...

Technical diving name was given by Michael Menduno in the end of 80 ties...Technical diving signify generally a diver which carry double tanks filled with Helium containing mix gases and also carrying at least a Nitrox gas for his decompression phase.Then the depths which can be reached exceed 40 meters and reach 100 meter or more...

Open water technical dives are similar to Cave dives. On cave dives you cant reach the surface when you wish because you are restricted by the plafond of the cave and you must swim all the way back to reach the open water...İts the same in technical diving because in technical diving your plafond is decompressions stops obligations.You cant make surface without completing your decompression stops obligations...Any problem that can happen underwater must be resolved underwater as there is not possibility to surface without completing the decompression stops.Thats the similar limitations and difficulties of the Technical diving and Cave diving.

To be able to follow the Technical diving course,needed level is to be at least an Open water Scuba diver from any kind of structure ( CMAS-PADI-SSI-SDI etc .) with a total of 50 dives as average practical experience.

Technical diving need more work as knowledge and pratice.Technical dive will give you the possibility to open new frontiers underwater but you will need to give more time,efforts and equipments needs,seriousnees and discipline in your behavior.Technical diving is a serious matter and complacency attitude dont have his place in technical diving,all must be done given to the rules of security...

Technical dives can be done within security limits only after getting all the course parts and by completing after the pratical skills dives and get the necessary certificate levels.

Diving categories and engagement levels can be separated in 5 different levels of experiences.

1.Group : Recreational diving : Targetting large populations,recreational dives are no decompression dives with a limitation of 30 meters depth maximum.The gas breathed is air only.

2.Group : Sportive diving : Some more experienced divers raising from the recreational divers population will improve their dive limits with carrying bigger tanks 15 lt or 18 lt or double tanks ) and they will make dives to depths between 50-60 m. max.Decompression times will be maximum between 10 - 20 or 30 minutes at least.

3.Group : Technical diving : Divers who want to reach the depths 40-100 m will need Mixed gas which will contain Helium in the mix and more developped equipment and formation.For decompressions they will use Nitrox and/or Oxygen.This level of formation is named ' Technical diving '

4.Group : Expedition ( Raid ) diving : These are extreme technical dives.They can excess 100 meters of depth.Long way penetration cave diving is also considered as expedition type dives.Extreme technical dives are raising from very experienced technical divers.These dives need much more carefull planning and preparations.A group of this level of divers will make the preparation and dives together.Its a common team preparation.High level of physical and mental fitness and experiences are a must.Extreme technical dives means more high risks is accepted.

5. Group : Record diving : Some very experienced technical divers will break diving records.The result of these dives are uncertain and often catastrophic..The risks are great and the situation will be always a very chaotic state.

Our course will teach you in the very details the Group 3 Technical diving matters.Part I,Part II and finally Part III will give you every aspect of technical diving knowledge with the latest scientific developments in the field...

Stay well and make safe dives and lets meet on the following course Part II and III...

Technical diving.Mix Gas Nitrox-Trimix. ( Part I ) (english)
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