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Capital Markets: Technical Analysis & Options Strategies

Indian Stock Market, Technical Analysis, Chart Patterns, Indicators, Derivatives Trading, Option Strategies
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Stock Markets Basics, Derivatives Trading, Technical Analysis, Option Strategies

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  • Indian Equity Market is one of the largest equity markets in the world

  • Investing / Trading in Equity Markets requires specific skill sets which can chart a growth path for professional careers

  • Today, Equity Market Movements are highly influenced by the trading decision adopted by Domestic & Foreign Institutions (DII & FII)

  • The strategies adopted by DII & FII also keep on changing with time & economy to achieve business objectives

  • Being part of Capital Markets involves keeping track of each & every aspect concerning the company, sector, country & world, as these events have an impact on the stock prices

  • To track investments & returns, it becomes critical to monitor the right metrics to guide trading decisions

Course Overview:

  • Intro to Financial Markets & Equity Capital Markets

  • Current Market Trends

  • Investor Returns / Key Financial Metrics

  • Futures & Options – Index / Call / Put / Margin Trading / Speculation / Hedging / Arbitrage

  • Technical Analysis – Candle Stick Charts / MACD / Dow Theory / Fibonacci / Bollinger Bands

  • Option Strategies – Spread / Ladder / Straddle / Strangle / Synthetic Long

  • Taxation / Risk Management / Trading Psychology

  • Extensive hands on learning

Capital Markets: Technical Analysis & Options Strategies
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