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Technical Analysis Foundation For Beginners

Create your foundation & strong base on technical analysis for next level learning on trading
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Basics of Technical Analysis
Introduction to TA

Technical Analysis Foundation For Beginners- course covers  following section or module

Basics Of Technical Analysis- What is Technical Analysis? The Base & Principles of Technical Analysis, General Steps to Technical Evaluation,  Strengths of Technical Analysis , Weaknesses of Technical Analysis & Quiz.  Trend- Uptrend, Downtrend, Side away trend, Internal Trend Lines, 3 broad market trends,  3 Phases of Primary trend & Quiz. Support & Resistance- Demand & Supply, Support & Resistance, Principle of Polarity ,Support and Resistance Zones & Quiz . Volume- Introduction of Volume , Important of Volume,  Trend & Volume,  Breakout & Volume,  Buying & Selling Climax & Quiz.

Technical Analysis Foundation For Beginners
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