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Digital Tools for Learning

Understanding the options and steps required to plan and implement digital learning
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This short course provides an overview of the digital tools available for learning and provides guidance on the most effective ways to utilise these digital tools for teaching others.

Are you an educator or learning designer trying to make sense of all the tools and platforms available for digital learning delivery? It’s easy to become confused when faced with the staggering number of options available and the technical jargon being used.

In this course I place the educator at the centre of the process and present digital options that align with the primary tasks an educator undertakes. With this simple framework you can easily enhance digital delivery using practical and sustainable methods for learning design and delivery.

The course provides simple explanations of available technology and how you can evaluate and choose a combination of digital tools that support and enhance online learning.

The course is divided into six key areas:

Section 1: Learning Technology
In the first topic we look at how to align useful digital tools with the key activities undertaken by educators when delivering course work. 

Section 2: Learning Management Systems
The key functions and benefits of an LMS are explained clearly so you know how to fully utilise what has now become a central and essential tool for educators and institutions. 

Section 3: Video Conferencing
We explain the synchronous and asynchronous options available and when and where these different options should be used.

Section 4: Educator Collaboration
Increasingly cloud based tools are used to communicate and collaborate. This section looks at how educators and learning designers can collaborate on essential tasks such as curriculum development and review.

Section 5: Student Collaboration
Here we introduce a strategy for student discussion and collaboration and look at a range of tools suitable for online student interaction.

Section 6: Learning Innovation
This topic looks at ways to keep up to date with emerging learning technology and evaluate how these tools may be used in your delivery.

This course is suitable for educators planning both synchronous and asynchronous learning delivery in online environments. It’s also a great course for learning designers needing to increase the digital aspects of your coursework design.

You’ll finish the course with the confidence required to embrace digital learning and a strategy that best fits online delivery requirements.

Digital Tools for Learning
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