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Management Masterclass in Leading Winning Teams

How To Apply Tools and Frameworks To Fulfil Your Team's Core Mission And Be A Better Leader of People
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Operate more effectively in their job roles
Utilise a set of complementary, inter-locking frameworks as tools to identify leadership behaviours and bases for exercising leadership power; and the deployment of appropriate leaders to a team’s development cycle
Analyse five behaviour modes consistently used in intra/inter-institutional relationships, and how and when to deploy those behaviour modes to protect and promote their organisation’s objectives
Identify characteristics of sociopathic leadership, as well as practical ethical and political leadership choices

Companies increasingly resort to establishing and deploying teams to develop and deliver goods and services, and consequently the capabilities of the leaders of those teams is often the deciding factor in success or failure.

“Leadership” is one of those concepts that can easily generate heated argument.  The use of the term ‘leader’, it is said, necessarily entails the consequence that there are ‘followers’. The ‘leadership’ argument runs a bit like the ‘nature-versus-nurture’ argument: Is ‘leadership’ innate/something a person is born with, or is ‘leadership’ a set of competencies and behaviours that can be acquired?

This course is not interested in the qualities of a charismatic “Leader”. Nor is this course interested in how leaders have good relationships with their teams and nurture their development. 

Team Leaders have one core mission: to get results from a group of people brought to work together in an entity identified as a ‘team’.  This course is about how leaders can apply tools and frameworks to fulfil that core mission.

Our special guest instructor, Chris O'Connell, is going to draw on his 50 years of experience in identifying leaders and supporting team development processes to achieve change in arenas.

We look forward to seeing you in the course and accompanying you on your journey.

Management Masterclass in Leading Winning Teams
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