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Strategic Performance Management - Tome 2: Managing teams

Learn how to strategically set goals, plan resources and manage your team
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Improve your knowledge in performance management
Understand the strategic intent of your organisation
Develop a team ambition aligned with your company strategic direction
Develop managerial dashboard
Learn how to manage simple project
Plan your team resources accordingly
Review the talent in your team
Create effective job description to recruit staff

Welcome to the course "Manage Organization Performance - Tome 2: Managing the team"

This course is part of a 3 tomes series:

  • Tome 1: Managing Strategy
  • Tome 2: Managing Operations (the team)
  • Tome 3: Managing Contributors

Nevertheless each of them is self contained and can be taken separately.

In this tome 2:

We will learn how to link your team contribution to the overall strategic framework of your organization. This includes:

  • Understand Performance Management
  • Understand the company strategy
  • Develop team ambition
  • Set goal for the team
  • Map processes to improve them
  • Create dashboards with excel or keynote
  • Create project plans using free software
  • Review talent in the organisation
  • Develop Job Description
  • Create Budget(s)
  • Agree on a meeting cycle for tracking and reviewing the strategy

This series of courses will provide a complete and easy to implement framework for managers, entrepreneurs, HRs or consultants involved in strategic planning and performance management.

Strategic Performance Management - Tome 2: Managing teams
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