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Motivational Techniques To Improve Your Team Success

Learn principles & practices of intrinsic motivators for team success; autonomy, mastery & purpose
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Autonomy and giving teams the freedom to self-organise in ways that improve team motivation
The importance of mastery in teams and how it incentivises teams and individuals to work harder
The power of purpose and how it generates sustainable level of intrinsic team motivation
What is intrinsic motivation and why its more powerful than extrinsic motivators such as rewards & punishment
How Agile principles requires teams to have a supportive environment within which they can make decisions
How traditional organisations rely on extrinsic motivators for team success and why this is unsustainable
How to liberate teams with autonomy so they can achieve much more success
Why Scrum says that teams must manage their own scope of work and timelines
Why managers should not be in daily update meetings and how this empowers the team
How mastery of a chosen craft unlocks potential in teams through self-directed training
How to constantly emphasize the importance of skills and learning in a team environment
The link between mastery and leadership and how this drives sustainable team motivation
The importance of a higher purpose that provides human-centred meaning for teams
How to co-create a statement of purpose with a team and embed it in everything they do
How to use your broader perspective and long term vision to inspire teams beyond their daily work

Do you wish you could improve your team motivation? Are you a leader that depends on teams to get work done and projects completed? Most value in the workplace is achieved through teamwork and whether you are a coach, manager or team member you need to motivate teams to be successful.

Traditional motivational techniques of rewards and punishment will achieve some short term motivation and team success but longer term, sustainable motivation comes from intrinsic motivators such as autonomy, mastery and purpose.

In this course you will learn about these powerful concepts that will uplift your team and inspire them to new levels of achievement. This course consists of the following:

  • An introduction to the course that describes the key concepts and gives you a broad overview

  • A wipeboard lesson that teaches you how to dramatically improve your team's current levels of motivation

  • A 1:1 lesson on the power of autonomy in a team concept and how it links to the Agile principle of self-organisation

  • A 1:1 lesson on mastery and the concepts of empowering teams with skills and learning paths to drive motivation

  • A 1:1 lesson on the power of purpose in helping a team see beyond their day to day work and reach their full potential

  • An assignment in which you get to choose which intrinsic motivator to apply in your team environment and observe the benefits

  • An overview of my PhD research that led to the development of a sentiment scale that describes how teams respond to their environment

  • Downloadable worksheets for each of the three motivators that help you with reference practices

Take this course today so that you can motivate  your team to new levels of success tomorrow.

If you could unlock just 10% more potential in your team then you could deliver more projects, with better quality. I've studied Agile teams for 5 years and I've run Agile teams in my career - intrinsic motivation is one of the drivers of positive  team sentiment and success.

Learn more in this course and put your new insights into practice with your team.

Motivational Techniques To Improve Your Team Success
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