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Teach Your Teen Driving

A Parent's Guide to the Passenger Seat
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Parents will be guided through how to teach their teenager how to drive.

Parents are the Primary Driving Instructor for their Teenager

Even though your teenager drove with a professional instructor for a few hours, they will spend much more time with you supervising them as they learn. Like it or not, this makes you your teen’s primary driving instructor! Running short trips to school, sports practice, or the store is great, but you may not run across all the situations they should know about. I know all too well how hectic it can be with teenagers in the house! With homework, and extracurricular activities time is a premium. If you invest just 15 to 20 minutes watching and discussing the short videos with your teen three times per week, you can complete the program in 6 weeks. I know you may be tempted to send them to a "Teen Survival Driving School," but studies show these schools will increase your teen's chances of getting into an accident because it makes them overconfident. Parents have the biggest influence on their teenager's driving skill and behavior.

Do not hand this program to your teen and tell them to do it! This is for you, the parents! You can watch the videos along with your teen, but DO NOT JUST GIVE IT TO THEM AND WALK AWAY. The learning occurs when you discuss the videos. Each of these steps only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

When you enroll, these are just a few of the things you will get:

  • Would you like an easy way to teach your teen how to parallel park, park in a stall, and maneuver in tight spaces without damaging your car?

    • Use the exercises and accompanying videos in this course to help you teach your teen in an fast, easy, and fun way.

  • Would you like to minimize conflicts with your teen about driving?

    • The Driving Session Evaluation Form that helps you avoid these conflicts by setting clear expectations that can be quickly assessed.

  • Would you like to know which critical skills your teen should know?

    • The Skills Verification Checklist allows you to check off and track these critical skills

  • Would you like your teen to know how decision / reaction times affect stopping distances?

    • Videos on decision and reaction times show how they affect total stopping distances. Learn how doubling speed, quadruples stopping distance.

  • Would you like to better communicate with your teen by knowing their unique learning language?

    • Information on how to determine they way your teen learns and how parents can use that to their advantage - and not just with driver training!

  • Would you like your teen to know the most common traffic situations that cause accidents and what to do in those situations?

    • Take 10 to 15 minutes to watch a discuss videos of these situations with your teen

Teach Your Teen Driving
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