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Teaching Online for K-12 Teachers

Effective online and hybrid learning practices for K-12 students and teachers.
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What are the elements of high-quality online teaching?
What are the best tools to use in an online teaching environment?
How can lessons be structures to promote engagement and better learning outcomes?

Teaching with technology is one thing, teaching through it is a completely different ballgame. This was a “taken from a teacher following the pivot to online learning that occurs nationwide in the Spring of 2020.

More and more Schools are considering integrating online or hybrid learning into their models, but few are providing teachers quality professional development to ensure they can help their students be successful.

This course will define what highly effective online learning looks like and how you can utilize the best tools and practices to create engaging and rigorous learning experiences for your students who are either learning at a distance or through a hybrid model.

The model for online learning advocated in this course is a result of combining research, student and teacher interviews, and best practices. With this strong foundation in place, will take you step-by-step through the best use of powerful and free online tools and how to design engaging lessons that promote engagement through the use of learner-centered instructional models.

Other topics that will be addressed include

  • Performance-based assessment.

  • Incorporating multimedia content into lessons

  • Project-based learning

  • Online assessment strategies

  • Supporting all learners through effective scaffolding

Teaching Online for K-12 Teachers
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