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Teaching Business English

Your introduction into how to teach business English.
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How to teach business English

Interested in teaching business English?

Are you thinking of traveling to Europe, to Asia, to South America or Middle East? Perhaps you've thought about teaching English to extend your stay for a short or long time. For many (like me), you end up in a non-English speaking country because of your partner but you want and need to work. Business English is a wonderful ticket to work in many countries and is a fascinating field with many opportunities. Maybe, you want to earn money with online teaching and not travel at all!

This course over 28 lectures, 18 quizzes and 12 assignments will to introduce you to the craft of teaching business English, what business English is, how to teach spoken and written business skills and how to teach business grammar. The course will examine the different types of business English and the all important needs analysis. Units focus on teaching meetings, presentations, telephoning, emailing and socialising. There will be demonstration lessons and the background methodology of communicative language teaching including the methods of PPP (Present, Practice, Produce), TTT (Test, Teach, Test and Task-based Lessons, TBL). Much of the content is also suitable for those wishing to do a Cambridge CELTA or similar introductory qualification and will really help you in those courses. There is a teaching bootcamp for those who have never taught languages before with ideas on how to teach vocabulary, how to keep good records, maintain satisfied clients, and on error correction. The videos are supplemented by quizzes and assignments to deepen your understanding as well as materials for you to incorporate into your teaching. This is your kick-start into the world of business English teaching!

Teaching Business English
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