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Teacher Training - Teaching Effectively Online

Teach Online as Comfortably as You Do in Person
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How to Teach Online
Look and Sound Comfortable on Camera
Camera, Lighting and Background Basics
Be Confident Speaking and Teaching on Camera
Learn How to Engage with Your Students Online

Teaching Effectively Online

Are you struggling with suddenly having to take your classroom teaching online in response to the new way we have to teach? It can be intimidating to make this move – not to mention technology challenges – and hard to know where to start!

This concise one-hour intro course is designed to ease your shift to online teaching and help you be successful delivering online learning to your students.

You’ll learn easy-to-implement techniques and tips from a seasoned instructional technologist and online instructor.

Kevin Volo holds a Masters in Instructional Design and is working on his PhD dissertation in Educational Practice & Theory. He has worked for most of the past decade “in the online trenches” at a State University of New York (SUNY) school, helping faculty engage students in online courses.

When all this hit and SUNY switched almost overnight to complete online instruction, Kevin helped numerous faculty and teachers to successfully make the change. In this course, he shares those proven techniques and tips with you!

Feeling too busy for a long training? This course is designed to be completed in less than one hour!

It drills down to the most important things you need to know and will leave you feeling comfortable and confident making the shift to online and virtual teaching.

Kevin’s applied knowledge and easy sense of humor make this one-hour course an efficient and enjoyable way to:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and engage your students in a virtual environment.

  • Feel comfortable in front of a video camera.

  • Understand the basics you need to take all your teaching skills from a traditional classroom environment and use them effectively online.

Register today and take your teaching online with confidence and poise!

Teacher Training - Teaching Effectively Online
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