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Teach English online

How to start teaching English online
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How to start working as an English teacher online and make it a full time job
How to get paid to teach English online

Hello and welcome!

Do you like teaching kids? Do you want to start teaching English online? Have you been wondering how to become an ESL teacher? You are in the right place!

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to become an English teacher online.

From very scratch, let's see what you need to start and be the best you can!

Why would you start teaching online in the first place? Well, in this time of uncertainty, it is good to learn and develop new skills. Maybe you need an extra job online or you simply want to help your family budget. This job is ideal for anyone! From stay-at-home moms to students and people who need extra money. You can make it your new carrier or simply an online gig you do at the weekends.

How do you start teaching online?

The online teaching industry is growing and, more and more teachers are needed on a daily basis. This market develops so fast and, there are so many people interested in it, so you need to stand from the crowd and be the best you can. I want to help you develop your skills, talent and be the best online teacher you can!

From the teacher's point of view, I will show you what you should and shouldn't do to have a nice, relaxed class and a good student base.

From the recruiter's point of view, I will tell you what you need to do to make sure you get the job as an online English teacher!

This course is divided into sections and, each section consists of several lessons.

We will cover everything:

  • Basic information about teaching kids English online

  • Everything you need to know about the lessons

  • Everything you need to know about the students

  • Methods and Technics of teaching

  • Where to get your TEFL certificates and where to look for the job as an online English teacher

  • Hiring process- how to become a full time or part-time English teacher online

  • A whole bunch of tips and tricks

P.S. You can also follow me on Instagram- esl.onlineteacher for online companies and school reviews and extra tips on how to be a great online tutor!

Teach English online
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