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English Reading for Children

Reading, Spelling, and British Accent
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Easily read, have perfect spelling (A++ is waiting!), get to feel the language, and impress friends with his/her own poetry! :)

The course allows to:

  • tech your child to read without actually teaching (which is fantastic if you have little time or expertise)

The child gets to:

  • understand the language concepts
  • make no spelling mistakes
  • write their first poems 
  • develop and have fun!

Currently the course covers the basics of English reading through 60 rhymes. We are adding over 80 rhymes more so there are over 140 rhymes and over 1200 words for your child - for easy reading and perfect spelling. We will be rising the price too so enrol now and get all the updates for free!

All the videos are voiced in perfect BBC English by a professional speaker - no one could possibly teach your child more patiently! 

Spend your time hugging the little one, not nagging about the letters!

English Reading for Children
$ 29.99
per course
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