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Teach to draw and animate with KIDS CARTOON MAKER

Teach to children and to draw and animate
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To learn a very good drawing software for children
To teach children how to draw

If your child is looking for a simple and easy software to start learning to draw and to animate, this course is done for you. With the software KIDS CARTOON MAKER, a child can easily start to draw and to animate already pre-set characters. You will learn in this course the very simple options available to get rapidly an animated movie.

No matter if you are a parent wanting to learn basics tips of drawing, or if you are a young child trying to understand the first steps to know to start drawing, you will find in this course the very first steps to know to start drawing with a software. It is very easy to use it to draw AND/OR to animate illustrations.

Of course, this software has some limits, but it will allow you to discover how you can be creative by using a digital tool and what kind of options it may propose to you to unleash your creativity.

Then, when you will know much more about how to use this powerful and simple software, you will probably be willing to get additional information about how to draw and how to apply colors and how to animate. These questions, of course, will be the natural following ones that will lead you to additional courses about more complex software.

Teach to draw and animate with KIDS CARTOON MAKER
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