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Teach Therapeutic Art

Learn to teach art and market your art classes.
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Teach complete ongoing Art classes to any demographic, and earn a living as an art teacher.
Instructors will be well paid for work with either children, the elderly, handicapped or the general public.

This is a complete training designed to give you all the tools you need to teach watercolor painting classes. 

It assumes that you are punctual and motivated and like to work with people in a creative situation, but has no other prerequisites.

When you practice the paintings in the lesson plan you will quickly have them mastered by heart. These are simple pictures but challenging for most beginner painters.  With repetition, this will become a snap and you are then in a position to help other when they get stuck (the same way you did until you perfected each painting.)

You will learn the optimal way to set up and run the classes that will be a big hit with the directors. It will assure you that the with this teaching method, directors will be continuing on with more classes from you. 

All the materials and where to buy them at the best price is also gone over. This is not a big investment, and they will last for years. 

Lastly, since you have many choices for where and with whom you want to work, I will make sure you understand a head of time what you can expect and how much to charge for each of the many venues you can approach with you painting classes.

Teach Therapeutic Art
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