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Primary Teacher - ICT Teaching and Learning Strategies

Primary teacher training in employing evidence based instructional teaching strategies on ICT integration.
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Investigate the key skills needed for students;
Understand how students learn with ICT;
Optimise opportunities for development;
Determine your own capabilities & understand its role in the development of others;
Develop the ICT capable classroom: Classroom Practices;
Initiate a whole-school approach;
Manage school transitions;
Effectively facilitate student capabilities;
Select the appropriate tools for learning;
Progress student capabilities;
Create an Inclusive classroom environment.

"I found this course insightful with a mixture of YouTube clips and reading materials.  It gives me the confidence to incorporate more into literacy, maths and science lessons.  It allows the lessons to be more interactive to engage the students.

  Especially, as the students of today are readily to exposed to ICT in their everyday life.  To have this reinforced in the classroom provides them with opportunities to explore and build on their knowledge.  " - Sonja

As a primary teacher, your goal should be to enable students to reach the stage where the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) they are using becomes sufficiently ‘transparent’ that they are almost unaware of its existence.

This is what ICT capability is all about.

In this primary teacher training course, you will learn evidence based teaching strategies from the most ICT capable and technological literate schools today.

Why enroll in this course?

In order to exploit ICT effectively in your classroom, you will need to develop your own ICT capability as well as appreciate what level of ICT capability certain groups of Primary students are performing at.  You will also  need to know how to improve your students' ICT skills further when appropriate in your lessons!

You'll learn how to maximise outcomes and capabilities in an inclusive environment for your students throughout your Curriculum learning areas at your school. In addition, I will give you the expertise you need to stimulate learning and to track the functioning levels of students so that they will continue to expand their potential throughout their schooling career.

This course will explain and exemplify what is involved in Developing Student ICT Capability!!! It build on your own understanding of ICT skills and concepts.

It will deliver practical and immediately actionable advice derived from the most ICT capable schools today.

Australian Curriculum Reference

If you are an Australian teacher, it is a requirement of the Australian Curriculum that teachers are able to teach and assess General Capabilities. As ICT Capability is one of those, this course will be perfect for you to achieve this goal.

This course will deliver practical and immediately actionable advice that comes from comprehensive pedagogical research proven to be successful in developing student ICT capability.

While this forms the basis for our examples, the principles and practices involved in developing ICT capability remain the same no matter which curriculum you teach and belong to.

What is the course about?

ICT capability is a 21st century skill that students require in order to actively participate in a knowledge-based society and be empowered by Information and Communication Technology. 

Opportunities in all curriculums await teachers to develop student ICT capability whenever they use software where the level of control and decision-making by students is high such as MS Word.

Materials in this course

This course contains real handouts of supportive material and reflective tasks to help you bring you back to your own practices in your classroom. It will also contain quizzes in the form of multiple choice questions to help test your knowledge and reflect on your current practices in the classroom.

Primary Teacher - ICT Teaching and Learning Strategies
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