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Test Driven Development(TDD) with Laravel - Trust but Verify

This is a beginner tutorial and a crash course on TDD with laravel to help you get up to date with the TDD concept
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Be able to build laravel apps the TDD way
Understand general concepts of test driven development and be able to answer questions around it
Understand PHP Unit
Understand difference between unit testing and feature testing
Start a career in code testing

As a PHP developer, you may use the Test-Driven Development (TDD) technique to develop your software by writing tests. Typically, TDD will divide each task of the development into individual units. A test is then written to ensure that the unit behaves as expected.
Test driven development is a concept usually used in standard projects that many software developers surprisingly don't know.

Every project that uses Test-Driven Development follows three simple steps repeatedly:

  • Write a test for the next bit of functionality you want to add.
  • Write the functional code until the test passes.
  • Refactor both new and old code to make it well structured.

Continue cycling through these three steps, one test at a time, building up the functionality of the system. Testing will help you to refactor, which allows you to improve your design over time and makes some design problems more obvious.

The tests that contain small individual components are called unit tests. While unit tests can be carried out independently, if you test some of the components when they are integrated with other components, you are doing integration testing. The third kind of testing is test stubs. Test stubs allow you to test your code without having to make real calls to a database.
Join me in this course as I expose you to whole new world of programming.

Test Driven Development(TDD) with Laravel - Trust but Verify
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