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TDD in 3 Hours : Test Driven Development Complete Guide

Learn TDD fundamentals, the RGF cycle, building a safety net, and using TDD to evolve the design of the application.
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What is Test Driven Development and why is it used?
The TDD Cycle: Red, Green, Refactor
Building a safety net with TDD
Basics of refactoring with TDD
Using TDD to evolve software design
How to Test Drive real life projects

Test Driven Development (TDD) is one of the cornerstones of Extreme Programming.

It teaches us how tests can be used to drive intuitive design, readable code, and develop good quality software.

Agile and Extreme Programming are both built on the philosophy of short, iterative feedback loops, and TDD covers the shortest version of this iterative cycle - writing a test and making it pass.

TDD in 3 Hours : Test Driven Development Complete Guide
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