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TB0-114 TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) What are three differences in the choice of TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO EMS rather than to transport when configuring a domain TIBCO? (Choose three.)

a) The only deployment option is "local."

b) There is no need to secondary servers.

c) Data Domain should be stored in a database.

d) domain data can be stored in a file system or database

Q) What are the three manual steps may be involved in the creation of an EAR file TIBCO Administration? (Choose three.)

a) select the destination machine

b) configure global variables

c) create the application domain

d) create the folder structure on the target computer

e) add the archive to process additional machines

Q) Which three tasks can be performed using the AppManage utility? (Choose three.)

a) create an EAR file

b) undeploy a deployed application

c) install and uninstall TIBCO products start an instance of an application service

d) create a deployment configuration of an existing application

Q) What can be used to switch from one domain data repository based on files in a data repository databasebased domain?

a) domainutility

b) TIBCO Administrator

c) Utility MigrateFileStorage

d) Utility MigrateDomainStorage

e) vendor-specific database tools

Q) Having distributed the TIBCO BusinessWorks ActiveMatrix applications with TIBCO Rendezvous transport in a fault-tolerant configuration. Which statement is true if the engine master process fails and the secondary takes over?

a) The state of the secondary engine is Stand-By.

b) The administration server must be running for the secondary server to take over.

c) The secondary motor continues to receive heartbeat messages from the master engine.

d) The secondary engine will process starters and instances from the State of their last checkpoint.

TB0-114 TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works Practice Exam
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