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Tattoo for Beginners

Tattoo course by Sally Nassar
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The difference between coil & rotary machines & how to assemble them
Different types and sizes of needles & their usages
Stencil creation and transfer to human skin
Avoiding cross-contamination & treating infections
How to handle your client before, during & after the process
How to set up/dismantle your workstation & all the materials that you need
Tattoo techniques: lining - shading - filling - pointillism
How to set a price for your tattoo
A final project to test your knowledge

Learn everything to start tattooing like a PRO

Are you curious about tattooing but do not know where to start? In this course, Sally Nassar will teach you EVERYTHING about the tools, materials and techniques to get started in the art of tattooing as a professional.

You will learn to tattoo, from the assembly of the machine, work station, types of needles and hygiene, including basic techniques of lining, shading, filling and pointillism. We will incorporate human models when it comes to illustrating and working a tattoo and will dig into very detailed information.

You will meet Sally, who will tell you  how she started in the fascinating world of tattooing after studying everything about this art in India back in 2017.

Sally will teach you how to assemble your first basic or professional kit to start tattooing. Thus, you will know in detail all the materials you need: what machines are there, the types of tools, needles and essential information for tattooing, as well as giving you some personal recommendations based on her experience in the field.

You will learn about the different types of skin and the anatomical considerations that you must have to adapt the design to the area of the body. Next, you will see the exact steps to create the stencil, prepare it to apply it to the skin and, of course, assemble and sterilize your table before tattooing to avoid cross contamination.

You will transfer the design to the surface to learn the techniques of lining, filling, shading and pointillism in different ways considering materials, voltage and movements to achieve the results you are looking for.

You will see how to dismantle the table correctly, following maintenance and hygiene guidelines and, finally, you will learn several recommendations to advise your client before and after getting a tattoo.

What is this course's project?

You will make a tattoo on an orange, which will allow you to approach directly to how you would do with real skin, to start your own path in the world of tattooing.

What you need

As it is your first time in the art of tattooing, you will need several types of tools and materials such as:

  • lint free paper towels

  • green soap

  • distilled water

  • nitrile gloves

  • adhesive tape

  • cling film

  • after care cream

  • hectograph sheets

  • Transfer liquid

  • tattoo ink

  • tattoo machine

  • line and filling needles

  • clip-cord

  • power supply

  • grip disposable or steel

Tattoo for Beginners
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