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Tarot Success Made Easy

The only tarot course you will ever need. Learn not only how to read the cards, but how to have a successful practice.
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Understand the esoteric meanings behind the tarot cards
Understand themselves better through reading the tarot
Charge money for their tarot services
Understand how to have a successful and ethical tarot practice

The only tarot course you'll ever need! 

Join world renowned psychic medium Tyler Cheverie as he simplfies the tarot and teaches you how to read the tarot successfully either just for yourself or in your own professional practice. Whether you are a new to the tarot or a professional reader already, Tarot Success Made Easy will give you the tools to enhance your readings, your life, and your practice.

Tarot Success Made Easy covers:

  • The History the the Tarot
  • The Major & Minor Arcana
  • Symbols & Reversals
  • Sample Tarot Card Readings
  • Building a Successful Practice
  • Ethics


Tyler Cheverie has a variety of other courses that may be of interest to you:

  • Psychic Tarot Made Easy -combine psychic abilities with the tarot to deepen your readings
  • Psychic Abilities Made Easy -learn how to access and develop your psychic abilities
  • Spirit Mediumship Made Easy -learn how to connect with the spirit world 
  • Astral Meditation Made Easy -learn how to connect to your higher self through guided meditations
  • & more to come!
Tarot Success Made Easy
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