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Tarot Course Comprehensive - Using The Rider Waite Deck

Using your first impressions and intuition to learn and read your cards
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How to simplify learning and reading the Tarot intuitively

This course will teach you a wonderfully simple way to define your meanings for the whole of the 78 card Tarot deck!  It will also show you how to allow your intuition to flow through the story being told in each of your readings without the need for books or memory!

Learn about the bigger picture, why the Tarot works at all? and gain some practical guidance about the many additional aspects to think about when reading for others.

The course includes a fully downloadable workbook and 9 hours of video tutorials for more of a one-to-one feel if you choose to follow them. There are spread templates and practice readings to get you on the right track.

Tarot Course Comprehensive - Using The Rider Waite Deck
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