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Tarot Card Reading Course - from Beginner to Professional!

Master your Tarot & Intuitive abilities and Learn to Give Accurate Professional Level Tarot Card Readings!
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Tarot Card meanings for General, Love, Career, Finance readings
Tarot spreads from 1 card to 20 cards
How to prepare for tarot readings - meditation, rituals, altar
How to do reading for yourself and others
4 Live Interactive sessions with Aya from Arrow Sisters - Tarot Card reader and Teacher
How to heighten your intuition & activate 3rd Eye

This Online Training Course offers you the opportunity to learn from Myself, Aya – Arrow Sister.

I began to use Tarot professionally a few years ago. Now when I realized how powerful it was, how it helped people see very clearly what was happening in their lives, why and where it might possibly lead. I am a reader with years of learning behind my readings and teachings and with a gift of being able to break down complex information into manageable and practical ways of understanding.  

I can show you how to unlock your spiritual potential and instinctively read the Tarot. There is no magic in the Tarot cards, but the symbols contained within each card, connects to a facet of human life that everyone can relate to. The power of the Tarot lies in its ability to offer significant direction, and in this Tarot Training Course, you’ll venture into the world of symbolism, so that you’re able to answer life’s questions, and find meaning in the direction you are taking.

Why spend hours, weeks and even months reading books trying to learn how to read the Tarot cards? 

You’ll also share your experiences with others, and the more ideas everyone has, the more you gain from this powerful Tarot Training Course. Become a trusted Tarot Advisor and gain the confidence, credibility and impact that it brings. Whether you want to simply read for yourself and loved ones, or go on to become a professional Tarot reader, this is opportunity to make next step and qualify your skills and knowledge as a Tarot reader. Online Tarot Training Course with Arrow Sisters is designed for beginners and accomplished readers.

Online Tarot Training Course provides:

•    Hand-out materials of learning material at home, guide for in-depth card meanings;

•    an in-depth examination of the four suites, court cards and Major Arkana cards;

•    detailed meanings for each 78 cards - general, love, career, finance;

•    how to interpret conflicting cards;

•    a variety of spiritual and practical layouts, practices;

•    steps to strengthen your intuition when reading;

•    guidance and practical exercise of 1-3 card readings, getting spreads for work; relationship, decision making, financial questions;

•    practical steps for cleansing cards, connecting and preparing for the card readings.

•    training course consist of 7 pre-recorded theory videos; For that you are invited to connect with me on Instagram: @arrowsisters

•    all sessions are around 2 hours, supported with handout materials as Tarot Manual and Workbook and additional practical exercises & videos.


•   I am offering Live Practice classes via Zoom Video Call - in this course you can get practical sessions where together with me, we can practice tarot card spreads and get all your questions answered. Live sessions are additional charge - please visit arrowsisters,com for inquiries and bookings.

Join the tarot reader’s network of Arrow Sisters – become of them! Knowledge empowers – use your intuition for getting more insights when facing daily as well as critical situations. 

IG: @arrowsisters

Tarot Card Reading Course - from Beginner to Professional!
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