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Tarot Card Reading The Essential Course For All +CERTIFICATE

TAROT TRAINING Level 1 How To Accurately Read Major Arcana Tarot Cards & Symbols In A Tarot Deck * CERTIFICATE INCLUDED
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How to Conduct a Professional Tarot Reading
Choose the Best Tarot Spread for Your Tarot Reading
Accurately Interpret the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards
Give Intuitive Guidance & Positive Affirmations to Your Clients
Use the Tarot for Coaching & Personal Development
Understand the Symbols of the Tarot Cards

Build a solid foundation for Tarot Card Reading at a professional level.

This Tarot Reading course helps you develop the essential skills for being a successful Tarot Reader by providing you with Video Tutorials and Detailed PDFs for you to Download. In my Tarot Training Level 1 you will discover exactly what the 22 Major Arcana Cards, from a standard Rider Waite Tarot deck, mean in a Tarot Card Reading. I will show you how to apply what you have learned using a range of Tarot Spreads plus Affirmations, and when you finish this course you will receive Tarot Certification with a Certificate of Completion. Join me now on this incredible journey into the wisdom of the Tarot!

To get the most out of this course, here is a quick overview of its format and the resources available.

In Tarot Training Level 1 you will learn the 22 Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Deck.

I present one card per lesson. I begin with a description of the card and its symbols. Then I explain its interpretation in a Tarot Reading. Finally I give you 3 Affirmations for the card.

  • To memorise the information I have included a Downloadable PDF Summary for each card.

  • At the end of each Lesson there is an Exercise which will help you build your Tarot Reading skills.

  • I recommend that you complete the Quizes & Exercises before you go onto the next lesson.

  • Make sure to Download the Glossary of useful words and expressions in Lesson 2.

  • At the end for the Course check out the Bonus Videos for essential Tarot Reading Tips.

We begin this exciting journey of discovery by examining the Tarot Deck.

Tarot Card Reading The Essential Course For All +CERTIFICATE
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