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Target Account Selling

Develop Effective Plans for Sales Teams! Become a Sales Professional!
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Become a Sales Professional
Improve bid-to-win ratios
Shorten selling cycles
Minimize discounts and negotiated concessions
Establish clear, unique business value with customers
Reduce selling cost through more efficient resource allocation
Increase Sales per Employee
Build Successful sales organizations quickly
Decrease risk
Enhance account control and forecast accuracy
Eliminate departamental barriers with a common sales language

Target Account Selling is highly effective in organizations with selling environments marked by intense competition, customer buying decisions with high-financial, strategic or organizational impact. The Target Account Selling process was developed by Siebel now Oracle. In this training sales professionals create a refined winning plan for securing new business. The Target Account Selling (TAS) process helps sales professionals win more business by:

1. Focusing on the right issues with the right people at the right time.

2. Developing effective plans for sales campaigns.

3. Communicating more effectively within the sales team.

4. Shifting the focus of salespeople from tactical to strategic issues.

This Target Account Selling training includes learning to:

1. Assess the Opportunity: An objective process that reveals critical customer, business and competitive information, and drives and informed decision to compete.

2. Set the Competitive Strategy: A framework for determining the most effective approach to winning the customers business.

3. Identify the Key Players: A method to identify the roles and status of people who affect or will be affected by customer buying decisions.

4. Define the Relationship Strategy: A process to align with influential decision-makers in the buying organization who can help you win the sales opportunity.

5. Turn Ideas Into Activities: An approach to identify specific tactics needed to win the opportunity and the resources required to support each task.

6. Test and Improve the Plan: A structured process that analyzes Opportunity Plans and refines them to the highest possible quality for implementation in the field.

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Target Account Selling
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