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Tapping into Guidance

Awakening Embedded Codes
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What to do with the feelings of disconnect, despair and suffering.
Reconnect to your Heart's Desires, your inner compass and your Truth.
How to recognise the patterns that hold you captive and let go of the baggage that no longer serves you.
Learn how to view your pain points as growth points.
Step confidently into your life as you begin to trust your intuition, so that you can choose your best life.
How to find the KEY to Transformation and actively bring more flow, ease and grace into your Life Journey.

This course was inspired by the many clients who are expressing a similar awareness about their Life.

This statement by one dear Soul speaks of the frustration, elation and anticipation.

“I feel as though the life I came here to do has come to an end- but instead of me dying I have a whole clean slate to write/develop myself as a human having a human experience. I don’t know where to start as I feel I have nothing to refer to. I have to dig deep within my humanness to find out what to put on my slate. What do I love and want to fill my human life with - then go out be free, be human and do that which brings me freedom and joy”. (Maggie B.)

The understanding that we are seeking something for which we have no label, identity or structure. Yet, the urging persists along with the sense of intolerance for lack of accountability, integrity and compassion that we witness in the world around us.

We begin to look within and awaken the embedded codes of our magnificence.

This course walks us through 8 steps to this reconnection as we align into our truth compass and find the flow, grace and confidence to rediscover our True Nature.

This is an Inner Journey filled with concepts that will hopefully encourage you to think again and choose a new perspective that is in alignment with your Higher Self and also expansive in consideration of our impact in the Collective Consciousness.

Tapping into Guidance
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