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Fundamentals of Tapestry Crochet for Colorful Art

Learn the power of Tapestry Crochet to add multiple colors to your project and crochet crisp lines.
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start a crochet piece with the foundation stitch
crochet using the Forward Single Stitch
crochet backwards from left to right so that the single crochet stitch is consistent on both sides (Backward Single Crochet Stitch)
add and carry multiple colored yarns in a Tapestry Crochet piece
crochet with multiple colors and create crisp lines
follow the rules to use hexagonal chart for flat Tapestry Crochet
create a Tapestry Crochet pillow

Learn the fundamental principles involved in Tapestry Crochet. With the concepts explained in this course, you will be able to add multiple colors to your crochet project while keeping your horizontal and diagonal lines crisp. I will explain the methods I use to create the Tapestry Crochet art pieces. By the end of the course, you will have a fundamental understanding of Tapestry Crochet and will crochet a small beautiful pillow to put your knowledge to practical use.

Fundamentals of Tapestry Crochet for Colorful Art
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