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Tango Argentino for BEGINNERS

Everyone can dance Tango! Regardless of their age and with no dance experience.
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Basics principles for argentine Tango
Posture and Embrace
Transmission of movements
The Basic Step "Base Ocho"
The crossed system
13 Basic Figures
Solution to common mistakes
Embellishments for the woman
5 Sequences to develop the improvisation

Argentine tango is one of the most passionate dances in couple. Not for nothing are there many movies that include tango scenes as a strong point of the plot. Actors like Al Pacino and Antonio Banderas, just to name a few, have starred in tango scenes that have burned the public in a whirlwind of emotions.

On this course you will learn all necessary skills you need to start dancing argentine tango. You only need motivation and some practice. Let's dance Tango!


This course is spoken in Spanish for better and natural explanations but you can choose English, German or Spanish subtitles.

Tango Argentino for BEGINNERS
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