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Tang Soo Do - The Beginner to Black Belt Katas

Learn the strikes, kicks, katas, and self-defense techniques for the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.
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Tang Soo Do - The Beginner to Black Belt Katas

Tang Soo Do is a Korean style of martial art, which literally translates to “The way of the Tang Hand”. This style may have been derived from the fighting principles of subak, as well as northern Chinese martial arts. The style includes a variety of stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes that can be applied in a self-defense situation.

This instructional course teaches all of the stances, blocks, kicks, strikes, and katas of the Tang Soo Do martial art style from the beginner to black belt level. Each kata is demonstrated three times. Firstly, the kata is demonstrated with a verbal description of the technique and its applications. Then, the kata is demonstrated from the front (judges view) and from the side so that the student can fully understand the kata and its applications. This course is an ideal teaching aid for review, rank testing, competition, and self-defense.

Grandmaster Michael A. Stelzer holds several advanced ranks (10th Dan and above) in the styles of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kali/Arnis, Kung Fu, Kobudo, Karate, and other various styles of martial arts. Currently, he has published over fifty books and instructional videos covering topics such as martial arts, the entertainment arts, math, and engineering.

Tang Soo Do - The Beginner to Black Belt Katas
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