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Tamil Speaking Course | Beginners

A conversational Tamil course for beginners who want to learn spoken Tamil through English.
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You will have a great knowledge of the basic Tamil spoken
You will learn the most important Tamil spoken grammar with detailed explanations
You will have a great knowledge of the most common suffixes in Tamil
Learning all tenses with the examples
Downloadable Practice Resources

This Spoken Tamil course focuses on learning the language and speaking the language, rather than learning the script. After all, the goal of learning a language is to be able to speak right? That's why this course will have you speaking Tamil from the basics. This course slowly teaches you key phases by building on small sentences.

And, this course will help you to understand all the Tamil tenses and how they are used in everyday situations. The course is explained all of the Tamil tenses with useful examples for you to use, practice, and improve your knowledge and understanding of Tamil in general everyday conversation.

Additionally, you are going to learn these common suffixes : la, kku, kitta, aadhe, aadhiinggal, a, aala, ooda, kuuda, munna, piragu, larundhu, kittarundhu, naa, and lanaa. By the end of the course, you will be able to start speaking Tamil confidently as a beginner level. T

This Tamil Speaking Course will continue to be updated with more video lectures and content in the future.

Tamil Speaking Course | Beginners
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